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Some would say when struggle meets adaptability, creativity flourishes. Our guest, Chris Duffin, perfectly embodies that sentiment. So if you think his bio is impressive, just wait till you hear what he battled to get to where he is today…

Previously ranked #1 in the world in various powerlifting disciplines, Chris has held numerous world records. Now retired, he is known for his industry-changing innovations and education in the strength and clinical worlds. In addition to Kabuki Strength, Chris co-founded BuildFast Formula for supplementation and nutrition and Bearfoot Athletics to optimize the human to ground interface. He is also a best-selling author and former executive in the automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment, and high-tech manufacturing industries.

On today’s show we discuss:

  • Transitional moments and “the practice of living in fear”

  • Where Chris goes to be creative and unwind (and other hot tub stories)

  • The role of a “Chief Visionary Officer”

  • Abnormalcy and other traits key historical figures have in common…

Connect with Chris:

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It seems adaptability is becoming the theme of 2020. Luckily, Chris’s companies are experts in this field. If you’re looking for uniquely designed and expertly engineered equipment better suited to your new normal, check out Kabuki Strength. From one small business to another, we can’t recommend their products enough.

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