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Your Primary Drive Is:


You love a good challenge and willingly embrace change. Often refusing to be stifled by traditions or trapped by routines, you believe the ultimate sense of adventure comes via testing yourself. When it comes to communicating with others, you have a low tolerance for cliches, as well as for anyone who insists something “cannot be done.”

You’re competitive, especially with yourself. Whether you’re experiencing fear, anger, uncertainty, anxiety, tension, or even a bit of envy, you find a way to channel these emotions into an intense focus that elevates your game.

Your gift is your understanding that while these “dark” emotions may distract others who don’t share your unique abilities, they help you block out other forms of internal and external noise, which helps you better marshall all of your resources to achieve your desired outcome. Depending on the subject, you’re also an intensely curious person who can easily find themselves going down a “rabbit hole” on a given topic.

This makes sense, given curiosity itself has been described in the research as the predisposition to search for new knowledge and experiences, even if they bring about internal and external conflict.



  • Resilient: You’re adaptable and have a strong sense of adventure about you. Like any human being, you may occasionally feel pressure or anxiety when approaching a task that means a great deal to you, but what differentiates you from the rest is your willingness to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and test your skills. You realize that lasting improvement only comes via putting skin in the game.


  • Decisive: You become more focused under pressure and are able to better discern where to focus your attention as the stakes rise.


  • Independent: You are self-sufficient and self-aware. If there is something you don’t know about a topic you care about, or yourself, you will find a way to obtain further knowledge without needing your hand held; this alone makes you highly sought after within the right circles.


  • Stuck In a Reactive Cycle: Given your propensity to improvise and your disdain for those who obsess about planning, at times, you find yourself playing defense, procrastinating, and opening yourself up to the creation of more prominent blind spots. These challenges may fuel you to a degree, but the constant battle to catch up can quickly become overwhelming.


  • Defensive: Your accomplishments and unwillingness to sit on the sidelines will inevitably lead you to open yourself up to more and more critics who will seek to advance their cause by making you or your work a target for their slights and jabs. If you don’t learn to see their attempts for what they are (ways to siphon attention back to them), you run the risk of letting your emotions get the best of you and overreacting—practice patience. When attacked, take a moment and think about what the other individual may be trying to accomplish. A broader view leads to a bolder strategy.


  • Lack of Focus: Due to your inherent desire to seek new challenges and experiences, you are occasionally accused of taking on too many things at once or not being as focused as others think you should be. You live in the moment and don’t see the future as fixed, but rather something you create. This type of perspective is a gift in many ways, as long as you don’t allow your flexibility to make you crave variety only for variety’s sake.

As you review and share your results, remember nobody fits neatly into only one category. Life and our social nature cannot be forced into a vacuum, as people and their relationships are far too complex for that.

This quiz is a starting point, albeit a critical one.

Specific drives and even our responses to situations will vary depending on the context, including cultural values, our motivation to engage with a given activity, our mood, the physical location we find ourselves in, the company we keep, and numerous other factors.

To become better people, all of us must engage with activities that make us reflect more deeply on our tendencies, behaviors, state(s) of mind and perceptions of what drives us and others frequently.

To derive more value and growth, share your results with others, and join the conversation.

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There is an abundance of scientific literature that debates the accuracy and validity of many existing tests like this of which you can learn about in my book. Amidst these debates, people forget that we benefit from merely taking the first step by taking part in reflective activities of any kind.

From an accuracy standpoint, nothing will ever be perfect- and perfection isn’t necessary for progress.

Human nature may be predictable, but all of our behaviors are not.

For more accuracy, we strongly recommend you engage with this quiz multiple times, whether in varying emotional states, physiological states (fatigue, alert, happy, stressed, etc.), physical locations, times of the year, and even when around friends.

You can continue your journey by learning more about drives, leadership and communication by listening to episode 130 of our podcast, reading my book, or taking my online course Bought-In.