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In this episode, it is my honor to be joined by Sydney (Australia) University’s senior strength and conditioning coach, Nicolai Morris .

This episode is incredibly important for our community. Wether you like it or not, social media is not going away. As a coach, Nicolai has mastered the ability of using social media to help her athletes develop and to even sharpen her own coaching practice. She has’t stopped there as she is also using the power of research to help quantify the effects of social media on our profession. On this episode she breaks down what the research taught her and how she is using it to improve the effectiveness of her coaching.

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Topics Covered On This Episode

  • Nocolai’s background
  • Why it is hard for female’s to get into S&C in Australia and how does Nicolai attack it
  • Specific strategies Nicolai has employed to grow her coaching
  • Why are athletes drawn to social media
  • The neuroscience of social media
  • Nicolai’s research study on social media and the results
  • The science of good content creation and some tips to upscale your content
  • Should coaches carefully manicure their social media profiles?
  • Are certain social media platforms more valuable than others?
  • How does Nicolai use each different social media platform to coach up her athletes?
  • What thoughts or ideas does Nicolai think our field needs to let go of?

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