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I hope you and your family had a fantastic Easter weekend! Before we get started today, I wanted to let you know that our partner, Momentous, has launched a program called Support Your Sweat. This program is an initiative to put actual funds into the hands of fitness professionals and businesses that are struggling to make ends meet during this very tough time.

You can check out their directory of participating small businesses at the link below: 

This information is kept free by our partnership with Momentous. To learn more about Momentous and what they do to help our community go to As part of the Art of Coaching audience, you can receive $20 off your 1st order of Momentous by using code BRETT20 at checkout. (Minimum purchase amount of $50).

John is an absolute stud and one of the greatest conversationalists we have had the opportunity to interview on the podcast. He is one of the most giving people I’ve ever had the chance to interact with and I can’t wait for you to hear our conversation today!

John currently serves at McHenry West High School as the Assistant Divisional Chair for PE, Health, and Driver’s Education. He is the Director of Strength & Conditioning for the District. McHenry was recently honored as a top physical education programs in the state of Illinois. John is also an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate School at Carthage College, teaching Sport Leadership and Sport Psychology. He is a regular presenter on topics related to physical education, technology, and leadership. John has a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. His most recent recognitions include being named Illinois Teacher of the Year from both Illinois Digital Educators Alliance and also Illinois Coach of the Year from the National High School Strength Coaches Association. His most He and his wife (Jeanna) have four children (Riley, Brett, Trace, Brady).

Reach out to John:

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