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Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for coaches to refer to themselves as teachers. When it comes to relating to people, fostering a learning environment, creating buy-in and adapting to change, this comparison isn’t far from the truth. And yet, there is still so much we can learn from the teaching profession. All of this to say, I am so glad to have my good friend Heidi Morrison on the show today…  

As an Assistant Principal at Centennial High School (Fulton County, GA), Heidi has worked with more than 10,000 adults over her 23-year career. With a background in special education, leadership and career advising, Heidi gives us unique insight into the ever-changing role of teachers and administrators.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Designing buildings and spaces to create comfort and buy-in 
  • Proxemics and using your “dark side”
  • Should we try to “catch-up” up post-COVID-19?
  • Managing change within a 90,000 student school district
  • Guided discovery and the flipped classroom

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