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It is now my pleasure to introduce today’s guest… 

Hunter Schurrer has both been and trained the highest performers in the world. As a former All-American and National Champion in the indoor hammer throw, Hunter worked in collegiate strength and conditioning until jumping into the tactical sector with the Special Forces in 2011. In addition to working with the Green Berets, Hunter is also the founder and a coach for The Performance Syndicate (TPS), an individually tailored programming and remote training platform for all levels of athlete.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to train the most elite military operators in the world, this episode will not disappoint. Hunter has the unique responsibility of coaching future coaches and keeping those who keep us safe and healthy, safe and healthy.

 In this episode we cover:  

  • What makes Green Berets unique within the Special Operations community
  • The importance of having a “training ground” in your job/vocation
  • Coaching coaches and responding to questions of ‘why’?
  • Dealing with information overload and developing a filter 

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In this episode you’ll hear Hunter talk about the importance of having a “training ground” or a place where you can learn to fail before having to execute in real life. Our apprenticeships are a “training ground” for anyone that interacts with humans on a regular basis. Join us in Charleston, SC July 25-26th or at any of our future workshops. Spots are filling up fast – head to the link below and don’t miss this opportunity!

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