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Regardless of your profession or vocation, odds are you are dealing with the struggle of staying engaged and connected in a virtual world. Whether you are a coach, consultant, or manager of people, today’s guest covers a topic you might be soon considering (if you haven’t already)… going online.

Before starting his virtual coaching business, Dion von Moltke spent 10 years as a professional race-car driver. He raced in the IMSA, the top American Sportscar Series. He’s the winner of the 2013 Rolex at Daytona 24 Hour and a two time winner of the Sebring 12 Hour. He’s also just the second American to be invited to test in the european DTM Championship as a Young Driver for Audi Sport. 

At the conclusion of his professional driving career, Dion co-founded Everise. His mission – to make expert coaching more accessible and affordable. Dion’s expertise delivering high quality online coaching makes him the perfect person to cover topics such as…

  • Generating buy-in and accountability with online users
  • Adapting online coaching to different learning styles 
  • Creating an efficient and effective platform with low cost and high value
  • Conveying culture and values through an online venture 

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