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Looking back, did you know what was going to happen to you today? How about the last 72 hours? 3 months? Chances are you had no idea. That’s because everything we do in life is improv. No, not the improv that you pay to see at a comedy club… improv as in role playing under situational constraints. 

Today’s episode is one we all need because let’s face it, right now we are all improvising. We are all having to adapt to certain constraints. So let’s dig into how to be agile and leverage spontaneity to overcome our old systematized, controlled processes.

Today’s episode goes into:

  • The origins and definitions of improv
  • How other fields use improvisation training and why coaching could benefit from something similar
  • The real reason we are scared to engage in improvised learning/practice
  • Principles of improvisation: spontaneity, collaboration, yes, and.., etc.
  • “Improv is a process not a product”

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