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On Episode 9 of the Art of Coaching Podcast, I sit down with a guy who has one of the best jobs in all of strength & conditioning. Matt Bertsch is the Performance Director for Lincoln Public Schools in Lincoln Nebraska where he overseas the strength and conditioning for 6 area high schools and more than 3,500 athletes.

Too often, coaches chase big name jobs whole overlooking other opportunities for growth. My hope in bringing Matt on is that I can help us as a profession quit overlooking high-school strength & conditioning and potentially get some people to open their minds to other jobs out there.

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Topics covered on the show

  • Matt’s Story
  • Moving from the floor to administration
  • Getting buy in as administrator
  • How to get your resume viewed
  • How to properly use video
  • Preparing for an interview: going beyond wearing a suit and showing up
  • What are you weakest in now and what are you going to do about it
  • Things Matt learned from Coach Venable
  • How does Matt defines who is a good coach

Links from the show
To join Matt’s network of High School strength coaches follow @matt_bertsch @coachvenable & @coachbrokaw on Twitter

  • Scott

    Coach, this was probably one of my favorite podcasts so far. I am not currently looking for a job, however it gave me confidence to seek out more experiences regardless of the type of position. Sure I have a vision of what my dream job is, but I never underestimate the importance of taking opportunities as they come.

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