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Welcome back to the Art of Coaching Podcast, everyone! I am delighted to be joined by performance expert, Rachel Llanes. Rachel coaches servicemen and women in evidence-based ways to help them optimize themselves physically from a cognitive standpoint and also from a relational perspective.

Rachel also specializes in behavior change, she’s a certified personal trainer, and she is amongst one of the most interesting conversationalists I have ever met in my life. I hope everyone enjoys this exciting conversation that I have with Rachel today!

Topics discussed with Rachel on today’s episode:

  • The intricate methods of training soldiers how to think most effectively so that they can perform their jobs well
  • How Rachel takes the internalizing stigmas of military members and connects with them using a human to human approach
  • The challenges of trying to quantify the mental and social sides of working with soldiers
  • How the over-saturation of information is leaving coaches starving for motivation in performance training
  • The detrimental effects of generic praise from coaches and how many coaches do this inherently

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  • Louann Brizendine

    I loved this! Rachel’s approach to coaching and communication is terrific. Thanks for a great interview Brett.

  • Crystal Koro

    Not only is Rachel sharing deep wisdom that’s alignment with of the greatest spiritual teachers of all time, her energy and words literally gives your power back to you. What was truly an eye opener for me was that we are all craving that Authentic connection. Great interview.. great podcast.

  • Rachael Arnett

    Definitely a great listen! I loved everything about this podcast; brings you back in the mindset of living and leading with intention. Great job guys!

  • Rhoda LeLevier

    I really enjoyed this enlightening podcast episode with Rachel. Brett did set the bar high with his introduction, and she did not disappoint.Thank you!

  • Louisa Curry

    What an incredible conversation! I enjoyed it so much I listened to it twice. I appreciate your approach Brett, your questions are natural and encourage the flow with Rachel. And what an authentic approach Rachel takes. Her concise and clear communication makes it easy to follow and so enjoyable.

    Personally, I spent years as a career woman and am now shifting my focus to a rewarding life as a wife and mother. So I’m neither soldier, colleague or athlete, However, all of these concepts I will apply in my own “work” environment & am
    confident they will enhance my own experience, along with the entire households. I consider myself a novice & expert (depending on which subject we’re referring to) versus a Wolverine. Her thoughts on resilience, performance, wellness and motivation are refreshing as well as full of relevant research. Thank you both so much for taking the time to have this conversation and letting people like me listen in!

  • Rasha Roshdy

    Rachel is amazing and I loved the authenticity point she discussed. We crave authentic connections.

    • Moana

      What an inspiring and stimulating listen! Rachel is amazingly articulate and knowledgeable. This podcast makes you think deeper about the core motivation of what we do and why we do it, and the importance of identifying the factors that contribute to it. Thank you!!

      • Justin

        I get to work closely with Rachel and I can attest that this is very reflective of her putting herself into what she’s discussing. She always does a great job modeling the things that are addressed here. Even if we know some of this its always good to bring it up and reassess. Great job!

  • Christina

    What an amazing podcast! Definitely a inspiration to my approach as a manager and will change or adjust my coaching towards my team. I definitely have the warriors and novices. Rachel always amazes me in how open and resilient she is. She offers a sense comfort like no one else can.

  • Christina Manning

    What an amazing podcast! Definitely a inspiration to my approach as a manager and will change or adjust my coaching towards my team. I definitely have the warriors and novices. Rachel always amazes me in how open and resilient she is. She offers a sense comfort like no one else can.

  • Clara R.

    Interesting conversation about meaning-making, every day human relationships and communication skills in complex environments. It was nice hearing more about the way these are observed and applied within a field as hermetic as military training.

  • Sol

    This podcast was extremely informative and applicable. Exciting enough I was one of Rachael students when she taught relatable cognitive skills to become a better effective listener and communicated. Her skills has allowed me to reach others in ways I never thought I could. Instead of getting frustrated or taking things personal. I faced communicating with others as people. It prevents barriers and limitation to be placed and allows me to be genuine in my conversations. I am thrilled to follow her findings and apply them to my life.

  • Steffany connolly

    Wow what a really refreshing listen, a very relevant and informative convo. The points presented were all very informative and Rachel’s take on resiliency and motivation were inspiring!

  • Brad Brizendine

    Very interesting discussion! I’ve always been interested in endurance sports and military special ops and the type of mindset it takes to succeed in those fields. Rachel was an excellent guest and I enjoyed hearing her thoughts on how to specify your coaching to the individual. Keep up the good work!

  • Rina

    Awesome information. Rachel was clear & concise. I watched it twice. Rachel has so much great knowledge to share. I hope to see her here again.

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