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Hey everyone, we just finished our Art of Coaching Apprenticeship in Atlanta, GA and it was awesome! I am looking forward to seeing you guys at the upcoming Apprenticeships in 2020!

2020 Apprenticeships:

These are highly interactive 2 day workshops where professionals of all kinds can rehearse for and refine their strategies for life’s biggest moments. Whether it is a contract negotiation, interpersonal conflict, hiring new staff or leading a team in general The Apprenticeship™ is focused on creating a new type of educational experience for today’s leaders that is execution focused.

We will be hosting our Apprenticeship’s in the following cities:

Winnipeg, Canada
March 7th & 8th

Atlanta, GA
April 18th & 19th

Chicago, IL
May 2nd & 3rd

Perth, Australia
May 16th & 17th

Newbury Park, CA
May 30th & 31st

Renton, WA
June 13th & 14th

Santa Monica, CA
June 27th & 28th

Charleston, SC
July 25th & 26th

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Joining me today on the Art of Coaching Podcast is Nick Grantham who is a specialist in athletic preparation and has a wealth of knowledge in the physical preparation and injury rehabilitation of high performance athletes. Nick was in a different role at the time of this recording and he is now the head of strength and conditioning for the New Castle United football Club.

Nick’s first job was as head of sport science for British Gymnastics at Lilleshall Sports Injury and Human Performance Centre. In 2001, Nick moved from gymnastics to England Netball, to work in one of the first full-time strength and conditioning roles in high-performance UK sport. Two years later, he became one of the first strength and conditioning coaches to work for the English Institute of Sport, leading its West Midlands team across three sites.

Leaving the English Institute of Sport in 2007, Nick established himself as a Performance Enhancement Specialist working with the Chinese National Football team, the RFU, Great Britain’s Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams, Championship and Premiership football teams. Nick has worked with athletes who have competed at four Olympics and is a Performance Consultant for Nike.

Topics of discussion on today’s episode:

  • How practicing Taekwondo led Nick down a chameleon-like career trajectory
  • Finding the common touch points with your athletes and knowing when to refer an athlete to a colleague when a connection is lacking
  • What are the three A’s Nick uses to capture an athlete’s performance
  • What young coaches have learned and the steps they are taking to accelerate their careers
  • Nick’s take on where coaches are failing in having career plans and why this is


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