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What an awesome conversation we have in store for you today on the podcast! Darren is a very unique individual in this industry in way that he thinks, the way that he encourages others to think more deeply, and the way that he navigated his career and relationships with everyone around him. Darren is a good friend of mine and I think you will enjoy our conversation today!

Darren is currently the High Performance Manager at Melbourne Football Club. Prior to this appointment Director of High Performance at Arsenal Football Club, High Performance Manager at Port Adelaide Football (AFL) Club, and Head of Fitness and Conditioning at Liverpool Football Club.

Darren’s current role at Melbourne involves the leadership and management of Performance (Fitness, strength, nutrition), Medical (Physiotherapy, injury prehabilitation, injury rehabilitation), Analysis (video, statistics, match/training evaluation), and Research departments.

Topics discussed today with Darren:

  • Navigating the difficulties of transitioning to different jobs and how self-reflection helped Darren
  • How every decision Darren made with Arsenal was always in the best interest of the team’s performance
  • How surrounding yourself with very successful practitioners and intelligent people can lead to your own success
  • Darren’s perspective on changing human behavior and being equipped to deal with a sudden career change
  • The motivation of seeking to be emotionally invested in a group of people
  • What it is the potential consequence of skipping over the message of today’s episode


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