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On today’s show guys, we have Eric Cressey. Eric Cressey is the president and co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance and has facilities in Hudson, Massachusetts and Jupiter, Florida. Eric has been a legend in the performance game for a very long time. He’s put out a tremendous amount of content.

He works with a number of organizations, and he has worked with well over a hundred major league baseball players throughout his career. Now, it’s also important to note that it’s not just the major league level, right? Eric cut his teeth at every level and that’s what makes him special. There was no early specialization within his development as a coach.

He’s always looked at a full spectrum view and has one of the most unique hybrid takes on both strength and conditioning and just anatomy and physiology and an understanding of biomechanics and force transfer than almost anybody else in the field. Most importantly, the main reason I wanted to get Eric on this show is because of the tremendous amount of balance and scale he shown, not only as a father, as a strength coach, but as a business owner.

So if you’re somebody that’s listening to this that isn’t in the performance community, you’re still gonna love this. We talk about a lot of different things. He actually has a background in accounting, which is something I learned through our conversation. So even those of you who are finance nerds, I think are going to find this very interesting.

I’m experimenting with a new way of kind of getting these bio’s out of the way early so you guys can enjoy the episode. Let me know what you think. You are going to enjoy this and if you can make sure to turn up the volume. Eric was sick during this episode and he was still kind enough to come on and give you some phenomenal, phenomenal content. Lastly, make sure that you guys download the Art of Coaching podcast reflection sheets. These are sheets that you can download that help you make the most of the tactics delivered in the episode. They’re completely free to you. Just go to and you’ll be able to find them in the podcast section.

Enjoy this episode!

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