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We are very excited and happy to announce that our program The Apprenticeship™ has been approved for 1.8 CEU’s through the NSCA! This is something we have a put a lot of work and research into and we couldn’t be more excited to announce this. In order to keep the prices of our Apprenticeship as reasonable as possible for you, we are only providing CEU’s through the NSCA currently as they are the only organization we are approved for.

Not familiar with The Apprenticeship™? These are highly interactive 2 day workshops where professionals of all kinds can rehearse for and refine their strategies for life’s biggest moments. Whether it is a contract negotiation, interpersonal conflict, hiring new staff or leading a team in general The Apprenticeship™ is focused on creating a new type of educational experience for today’s leaders that is execution focused.

These events feature a wide variety of scenarios where you and/or your staff can enhance their interpersonal skills under real-time constraints and are the first event of their kind to be vetted be actual research regarding implementation and evaluation.

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Today’s episode is another quick solo episode where I take a look at why I started this podcast and why my goal was to separate from the thousands of other podcasts out there. For a while, I avoided starting a podcast simply because there are so many podcasts already in existence and everyone has a story. I think what it becomes less and less about is giving you the right information and more about seeking huge names in an attempt to simply grow their audience. I do this podcast to give you, the listener, a voice and that was the whole point of starting The Art of Coaching podcast. I am not talking about any particular industry. I am speaking to every industry and hoping the content being delivered becomes more authentic and less redundant. I appreciate everyone listening and I hope you enjoy today’s episode on this topic.

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