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David Joyce is a great friend of mine and someone that I have always looked up to. David has a mind that is absolutely unparalleled and he has an ability to provide some of the most thoughtful feedback of any human I have ever come across. This will be very apparent after listening to my interview with David.

Since recording this episode, David has since moved on from his position with the GWS Giants. David has always had a long-term goal of more flexibility to consult, work with, and learn from other organizations as he is now doing.

Topics discussed with David today:

  • The complications David is facing relating to communication
  • Can communication and persuasion be taken for granted
  • What David did to pinpoint his inadequacies as a communicator
  • What in particular is driving David’s curiosity
  • The many ways creativity is intertwined with the leadership process
  • Reasons why it is important to use skilled interpersonal communication as a strategy
  • David shares his thoughts on when to know it is the right time to walk away from something and the negative implications of not doing so
  • David’s key challenge to listeners of The Art of Coaching Podcast

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