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On episode 48 of The Art Of Coaching Podcast I am glad to be joined by one of the most fired up people I have met, Coach Garrett Medenwald. Garrett Medenwald is in his fifth year as Tennessee’s Director of Men’s Basketball Sports Performance in 2019-20. His basketball-specific training methods and emphasis on injury prevention began to bear fruit for the Vols upon his arrival on Rocky Top.

  • Garrett’s background in strength & conditioning
  • What are the roles of our significant others and why is this so important
  • How Garrett and his wife manage the obstacles of a long distance marriage
  • How to manage day to day activities that help shape the identity of a program
  • The uncomfortable conversations and moments with our athletes that nobody wants to talk about
  • Who are some of Garrett’s uncommon mentors
  • What are some areas where Garrett is lacking accountability and what steps is he taking to address this
  • The pitfalls of not holding your friends and family accountable
  • What specific training regimen does Garrett use for himself

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