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Today I am joined by Julie Eibensteiner of Laurus Athletic Rehab And Performance. Julie founded Laurus Athletic Rehab And Performance in Minneapolis, MN in 2009. Her special interests include ACL rehab and return to competition, Applied Research investigating risk of primary and secondary ACL injury, and coaching development.

  • Julie’s background and how she ended up on her career path
  • The many reasons why Julie is a cash-based practice
  • The importance of understanding sport-specific rehab and return to play practices
  • Julie’s stance on ACL rehabilitation and what she sees as the missing piece
  • What is leading to a lack of objectivity in return to play practices
  • How Julie progresses an athlete through ACL rehab with an emphasis on eccentric and isometric movement
  • Adjusting an athlete’s ACL rehabilitation based off their symptoms
  • Transformational leadership and how ideas produce results

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