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On Episode 41 of The Art Of Coaching Podcast, I am excited to be joined by Todd Hamer of Union Fitness in Pittsburgh, PA. Todd recently took on the position of General Manager at Union Fitness. When this interview took place, Todd was still on the staff at George Washington University. Todd is a 20-year veteran in the collegiate strength and conditioning field. Prior to his time at Union Fitness, Hamer spent time at George Washington University, Robert Morris University, George Mason, Marist College, VCU, The Citadel, UNC and Pitt.

Topics include:

  • The differentiation of job security vs career security
  • How Todd defines quality of life
  • The negatives of compartmentalizing life
  • Ditching infallibility to show you’re human
  • “Becoming savagely good at the basics of programming”
  • “Keeping everything in control”
  • Todd’s humbling experience of being fired from a 12 year University job
  • Not letting your job define you
  • “You look like you killed a man in the woods of Colorado”
  • Focusing on making an impact on people under your care vs making an impact on social media
  • Why Todd thinks you should tie yourself to the administration of your school and align with their goals
  • Knowing how to become a good follower translates to being a better leader
  • What is the worst advice Todd has ever heard or been given?
  • How does Todd learn best?

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