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Today I am honored to be joined by my friend and neighbor, Retired suburban Chicago Police Chief Greg Baker. Greg spent 34 years working in law enforcement became the first African American Police Chief in Park Forest, IL, Riverdale, IL, and South Holland, IL.  He shares his amazing journey and story with me on this episode.

Topics Discussed:

  • Life experiences that led Greg to law enforcement
  • Dealing with prejudice early on while trying to apply to the Chicago police department
  • Navigating his early career path with the Park Forest Police Department
  • The importance of listening to learn in life
  • How Greg handled the skeptics when taking on leadership roles
  • People that Greg saw enter law enforcement for the wrong reasons and how this translates into other careers
  • “You’ve got to inspect what you expect”
  • Handling the everyday stresses and uncertainty of being a police officer
  • The impact Greg’s wife has had on his life
  • The human aspect of personal service slowly going away
  • Building a relationship with your local police department

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