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Today, on Episode 39 of The Art Of Coaching Podcast, we are joined by Darren Roberts. Darren was in the RAF Regiment as a Gunner & Military Parachutist from 1989 to 1998, before leaving to pursue a career in strength & conditioning. After a period of time as a private trainer, he began work part time with premiership rugby union and rugby league teams.

In 2002 Darren began to work with Red Bull UK on various high performance projects with its athletes, where he established and delivered the Red Bull UK High Performance Programme from 2008 until 2013. In January 2014 he joined ‘Harris & Ross’ team. He continues to deliver the high performance & sports medicine services to elite action sport athletes, as well as many others athletes from around the world – based in the Wilmslow clinic.

Alongside his work with athletes Darren regularly presents at performance and medical summits all over the world. He has presented on performance and rehabilitation to NASA, Nike, British Association of Sports & Exercise Medicine, European College of Sports & Exercise Medicine, Australian Strength & Conditioning Association and many others. He also writes for various action sports magazines and websites on his work with extreme sports.

Topics Include:

  • Darren on ’embracing the chaos’
  • Why some world-class athletes are world-class because they don’t do what they are told
  • Why the design of your training environment or you as a coach may be holding your athletes back
  • How athlete autonomy can facilitate improved performance
  • Are learning styles a thing or are they B.S.?
  • Is being friends with your athletes appropriate?


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