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On Episode 36 of The Art Of Coaching Podcast I am joined by my friend Andy McCloy of Body Creations Sport Performance & Fitness. Andy’s facility provides a wide range of Strength Training and Performance Enhancement services to the Greater Huntsville, AL area. Andy McCloy has worked with literally hundreds of athletes ranging from middle and high school to the professional levels, including the NFL and Arena Football Leagues.

Topics include:

  • Andy’s beginnings and the size necessary to open a gym
  • Replicating his older space to his new space and how that affects the gym’s energy
  • How Andy broke into the industry of Strength and Conditioning
  • Marketing yourself, professional development, and consistent messaging
  • Andy’s take on storytelling and being relatable
  • The impact of social comparison on young athletes
  • Application of learning and avoiding confirmation bias
  • What Andy thinks about people not utilizing the mass of knowledge and information that is already out there
  • Are you doing things because the athlete needs it, or because you want to see it?
  • Coaches searching for social approval
  • How has owning a business impacted other parts of Andy’s life?
  • Relationship building as a superpower
  • Andy’s recommendations on business planning

Reach out to Coach Andy:

Instagram: @andymccloy_bci

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