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On Episode 31 of The AOC Podcast, I am excited to be joined by an instructor and academic advisor Christian Larson of Kansas State University. I met Christian while an undergrad at Kansas State University and he has always been someone I have looked to in the past for encouragement and guidance. Christian was the first person that came to mind when I knew I wanted to do an episode on formal education and whether or not it is failing coaches and leaders.

Topics Covered:

-Christian’s Background

-Defining ‘Exceptional Teaching’

-Keeping students’ attention in lecture

-Christian’s lecture style

-Importance of remembering someone’s name

-Intelligence and sense of humor

-Demoing movements in lecture and enabling students to learn more

-Knowing your audience in lecture and presenting

-Christian’s methods to know his audience

-Creating an ecosystem of material to learn from

-How I wrote Conscious Coaching

-Research-based learning

-Themes to the core of communication

-What mediums are becoming available to help improve methods of learning and communication

-Kansas State’s Online Global Campus

-University programs not teaching how to think

-Why critical thinking is such a scarce commodity

-Christian’s line of personal accountability

-Knowing when to challenge someone as a teacher and coach

-Being prepared as a student to enter formal education

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