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On this episode of The Art Of Coaching Podcast, we are joined by founder and head performance coach at Donskov Strength and Conditioning, Anthony Donskov.  Anthony has years of experience both as a player, Strength Coach and business owner. Donskov is a frequent contributor/writer for Michael Boyle’s, the best source for performance enhancement information on the Internet, and has lectured for the NSCA and USA Hockey respectively. He continues to work with athletes of all levels including minor hockey, junior hockey, college hockey, NHL, and assisting with the USA Women’s’ National Hockey Team.

Topics Discussed:

  • Anthony’s journey and background
  • What inspired Anthony to pursue Doctoral route
  • Forced complications of coaching methodologies and serial specialists
  • Anthony’s methods of athlete assessment.
  • Directive approach vs. cooperative approach of coaching
  • Holding the coaching veterans accountable vs. new coaches
  • Using criticism to build knowledge
  • Being a criticizer vs. contributor
  • Knowing if what you’re doing is working or not in coaching
  • What does Anthony see as a successful interaction?
  • Evaluating coaching
  • Identifying the right type of strength coach to hire
  • Anthony’s advice on coaches seeking job opportunities
  • What is the next step for strength and conditioning as a community?

Reach Out To Coach Donskov:

Twitter & Instagram: @Donskovsc

Via Website:

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