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On Episode 27 of The Art Of Coaching Podcast, it is my pleasure to be joined by Stephanie Mock of Mississippi State Athletics.  Stephanie joined Mississippi State University as The Director of Olympic Sports Strength and Conditioning in 2018.  The previous 5 years, Mock spent at Clemson University working with Olympic Sports Strength and Conditioning department.  She most recently served as the Assistant Director of Olympic Sports Strength and Conditioning prior to arriving at Mississippi State.

Topics covered

  • Stephanie’s background
  • Stephanie’s time at Clemson
  • Importance of background diversity
  • Managing change of intercollegiate athletics
  • Dealing with bureaucracy of university athletics
  • Practice of staff hiring
  • Roles of your staff
  • How a potential employee can separate themselves from the pack
  • Doing your due diligence as a prospective employee
  • Avoiding early career obstacles
  • Fluidity of staff transitions and nomenclature
  • Transitioning jobs as a senior level coach
  • Bracing yourself for the unexpected
  • What Stephanie wants to improve within her world
  • Breaking the norm of female strength and conditioning coaches
  • Connecting with professionals outside of the field of strength and conditioning

Reach Out to Coach Mock:
Instagram: @hailstatestrength
Via MSU Athletics Website:

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