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On Episode 26 of the Art Of Coaching Podcast I am honored to be joined NFL defensive lineman Henry Anderson.

Henry is a 5 year NFL veteran who has made a name for himself with his work ethic and attention to detail. I asked him to come on the podcast to talk about what separates the great coaches he has had from the rest.

  • Why did Henry take time to jump on the podcast
  • A journey on Henry’s career
  • What is Henry Anderson’s “filter” for what makes a good S&C coach
  • Do coaches that hard help kids be better later in life?
  • Do athletes have learning preferences?
  • Are NFL athletes are resistant to new movements in training?
  • What are bad habits of strength coaches that will make Henry tune out?
  • What resources do NFL players use to learn more about strength and conditioning
  • How data is incorporated into the pro setting
  • How does data effect Henry’s mindset
  • Henry’s favorite exercise
  • Henry’s go to favorite artist for the weight room
  • Henry’s game day routine that really gets his mind right
  • How does Henry down regulate after games


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