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On Episode 25 of the Art Of Coaching Podcast I am joined by Calin Butterfield who is US Ski & Snowboarding’s High Performance Coordinator.

Calin is one of the most unique individuals I know in regards to how he tackles problems, as well as how he treats people. Highly committed, loyal, detail oriented and personable- as coach he is a true asset in every sense of the word.

On this episode he gives us his perspective on skill evolution as a coach & why posing as an expert is overrated.

Topics Covered On This Episode

  • Vulnerability leading to trust
  • Taking ownership of something that doesn’t have direction
  • The soft skills of coaching
  • How can we evaluate someone on soft skills
  • Why being an expert is overrated
  • How does Calin dealin with moving around and how has it impacted his family

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