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On Episode 24 of the Art Of Coaching Podcast I am honored to be joined by coach Roy Holmes.

Roy is a veteran coach who worked his way up in the industry from physical therapy aid and IKEA employee to being the performance manager at Exos as well as overseeing NFL combine and veteran training. Tune in to hear how Roy has successfully navigated the gray areas of coaching and more.

Topics Covered On This Episode

  • Roy’s background
  • How working in the customer service industry plays a role in coaching development
  • Why skipping the journey never works
  • Living in the grey area and why dogma shouldn’t exist in coaching
  • How to get out of a situation where you are getting burnt out
  • The keys to being good in a managerial role
  • If you want to succeed you have to fail
  • Developing mastery through repetition
  • The value of doing the little tasks the right way
  • How to filter information & to know what’s valuable


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    Amazing content on this one good work guys, a lot of gems on this one!

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