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This episode dives into a resource that has been two years in the making, features feedback from more than 3,000 coaches, and has more than 150 research articles supporting it.
It was made by coaches, for coaches, in an effort to help strength and conditioning evolve and take the next step into becoming a more viable profession.
Strength coaches all across the world are dealing with major issues that they are unsupported in, and often don’t want to talk openly about.
Whether it’s issues with burnout, debt , job volatility, a broadening gender gap or simply confusion as to how to take the “next step” in their career it is covered within this course.
What makes it especially unique- is that it also features lifetime access to video, audio, PDF’s and all slides from what is easily one of the most detailed projects I have ever put together in my life.
It is now live, and will remain open for the next 5 days only. (May 1-May 5th).
All of you understand how special our field is, and many of you have touched the lives of hundreds if not thousands of athletes. Please join me in helping S&C take the next step.
Nobody is going to do it for us. We either get involved now, and learn the necessary skills to thrive as a unified front, or we will continue to face these same issues for years to come.
Over the long-term- what affects one of us, impacts ALL of us. See the link below and let’s get started!

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