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As the head strength and conditioning coach at the University of Mary, Michael Silbernagel places a detailed emphasis on communication, accountability, attitude, discipline, maintaining a high standard of care for the student-athlete. Coach Silbernagel understands that building buy-in is a complex process, in which the athletes themselves must also be involved, so he found unique ways to use social media to make what they do within the strength and conditioning department, not just a brand- but also a way to reach a larger audience. To learn how to sidestep the obstacles of a small school budget, and find more creative ways to leverage communication, tune into this episode of the podcast to learn more about his strategies for leadership, eating steak and why crushing a 5lb loaded potato isn’t enough to get you a t-shirt in North Dakota

Topics Covered On This Weeks Podcast

  • What it takes to be a great manager
  • Growing organically vs. copycatting your mentors
  • How to define standards
  • What advice are veteran coaches giving out that they aren’t living by?
  • What advice should coaches be ignoring?
  • How does Michael Silbernagel cope with stress?
  • When coach Silbernagel only has 15 minutes to train what’s his go-to for getting it in?
  • What movement or training principle was coach Silbernagel set on in the past and with experience has backed off?
  • Downregulatory training after long travel experiences
  • What is the book that nobody in the coaching field has written that coach Sibernagel would write?

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  • Dylan Hogan

    Another great one, got to get a segment on how egotistical some of us coaches can be. Tried an exercise recently that I saw on another 2 strength coaches’ IG. After the first time I commented regarding its difficulty & efficiency so they replied to try again & make another video. I did so adding a variation to it that made more sense and asked their opinions. Bith ignored the tag (idt they liked my moderation & took it personally)

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