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What is happening to strength and conditioning? As it stands today, the field has not yet earned the appellation of a true profession, and this mainly has to do with behavioral issues that still run rampant from within which has corroded the breadth of positive contributions coaches are able to make in the lives of others. Enough is enough! The manner in which we continue to glorify the “grind,” and abide by a religious fervor of self-sacrifice, defensiveness, and at times a know-it-all attitude erodes opportunities for all of us to grow as professionals and help more people.
So what? In Episode 17 I discuss more thought around this and also provide a few details around a resource that can help us better adapt and grow that I will be announcing soon. Be sure to please share your thoughts, and as always- any honest review of the podcast is appreciated.
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  • Graham anderson

    This was good. 16 years in the deal. Dead on content. Wish you didn’t vilify the grind as much, but this was very good. Hope others listen and understand your message.

  • Carson Patterson

    Thanks for the podcast Brett!
    I think that this is a very valuable lesson for everyone. Fear of opinions can be very paralyzing. If I as a coach am afraid to “put myself out there” who can I truly encourage an athlete to do that every weekend? I have done a little presenting at conferences, am trying to get my PhD done, and do a lot of it in a second language. That’s life. But I am “getting older” and just do not give a F as much as I used to. If someone gets my message, great. If someone criticizes my idea, that is good – maybe I can learn and make my idea or concept better. If they criticize “me” on a personal level, well, that person’s opinion should not bother me. I want my athletes to assert themselves, I shold do this as well. Thanks again.

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