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If you examined the common characteristics of all of the CEO’s, high level athletes, MD’s and Special Operators in the world it’s highly likely you’d find they all have one quality in common that drives their success: discontent. For some reason, most successful people can never stop and appreciate what they have done as soon as they achieve they are onto the next thing. On the flip side this quality can be a curse that leads to failed marriages, abandon children, health problems and more. This is the paradox of being passionate and it’s the topic of this weeks show with my guests Brad Stulberg & Steve Magness who have co-authored a new book called “The Passion Paradox”.

About The Authors
Brad Stulberg is an author and executive consultant/coach while Steve Magness is an elite level distance running coach. Together in 2017, they authored the best-selling book “Peak Performance”.

Both men are high achievers in their chosen fields, and have had to face this paradox on their own and have become highly qualified to talk about being passionate, losing balance and being burnt out.

Topics Covered On This Weeks Show

  • What made the authors want to write the book
  • Does commitment bring on the Passion Paradox
  • Chasing validation and the cost of doing it
  • Do Brad and Steve get jealous of other books in their category that get more praise than them
  • Why forcing performance always back fires
  • How to go down the research rabbit hole without letting the nuance of it consume you
  • Why asking for help can prevent the passion paradox
  • Is passion suffering?
  • Is living a balanced life an illusion?
  • Having people around you that can call you out

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