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On Episode 15 of the Art of Coaching podcast I am joined by industry-leading strength coach Tim Caron. Tim is the former Head Football Strength and Conditioning Coach at Army West Point where he helped Army beat Navy for the first time in 15 years.

Notice I say former head coach. That is because after reaching what most coaches consider the “Zenith” of their career, Tim decided to eschew the “coaching system” to start his own facility, Allegiate. The reason: because the coaching system is broken.

Tune in to find out why Tim thinks the coaching community needs to stop asking for free advice, start putting skin in the game and why “leaving the system” might be the best thing you can do.

  • How do strength coaches limit themselves
  • Having mentors beyond the field
  • The importance of monetizing your time
  • How the coaching industry in perpetuating the belief that coaches should give advice for free
  • Why do strength coaches have such contested emotions about money
  • How cash strapped strength coaches can get advice without being disrespectful

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