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On episode 14 of the Art of Coaching podcast I interview Gym Jones Certified S&C Coach Noël Brand about strain, sacrifice, self-awareness and why he uses instagram to show off unloaded squats.

Noel is a former Netherlands Royal Marine turned Strength & Conditioning coach. He currently co-owns a gym, Breda Strength & Conditioning, with his wife and is one of the very few fully certified Jim Jones coaches in the world.

Here is an overview of the topics we cover on this episode

  • Working with your spouse
  • The importance of working on your personal (outside of the gym) weakness
  • Giving hard feedback and how to deal with it
  • The Gym Jones process of coach development
  • Most important thing Noël  has learned to deal with from his years of coaching
  • Emphasizing the basics
  • How Noël  self evaluates his coaching and business
  • How much has Noël  invested in his continuing education
  • The 5 movements Noël  has to have when training a tactical athlete

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