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Patience is an underrated and under-appreciated virtue in our microwave expert society. It is the attribute that will beget all good things in your career and life. When I think of young coaches who have exhibited some tremendous patience, there is one person that comes to mind immediately, Coach Jamie Lafler.

Jamie has had a long, winding and interesting coaching journey that started as an athletic trainer and has since moved to the private sector where she is absolutely crushing it. This week she is on the podcast to share her experiences and to talk about patience, how to maintain composure during the long ride of becoming employed, and being sure to never forget the art of timing.

Here are some of the topics we cover on this week’s podcast

  • Jamie’s story
  • The patience mindset
  • If you want to make money you gotta grind
  • Interning: the system and how long it takes
  • The importance of gaining trust with an athlete
  • The importance of staying in touch
  • The mistake of not asking for help
  • Developing authentic likability
  • Lessons on timing
  • Common mistakes that young professionals and coaches make
  • Navigating the gender gap

Connect with Jamie on her Instagram page.

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