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It can be an incredibly insightful exercise to look for common threads between the different roles we occupy in our lives. What draws us to those vocations and occupations? Does expertise in one lead to skill in another? Listen as our guest Joel Raether uncovers many interesting parallels between his passion for the outdoors, dog training and coaching. 

We also cover:

  • What “flat-landers” get wrong about training at altitude 
  • High performance in a sedentary population?
  • Credibility and capability – do I still need to be deadlifting at 40?
  • “Stop making heroes out of haters!”

Joel is a managing partner of FAST performance in Denver, CO. He’s also the Head of Performance for Colorado Mammoth Lacrosse, the Owner of Hunt Hike Harvest Outdoors, and an Author, Consultant and International Presenter. 

On today’s show, you’ll hear Joel talk about the importance of researching and tinkering in both outdoor adventuring and coaching. If you want to learn more about how these skills can help you in your domain, check out my book Conscious Coaching. Not only will you be able to better understand what motivates your audience, it’ll help you authentically build better relationships. After all, better interactions lead to better interventions. 

Connect with Joel:

Via his websites: and

Via Twitter: @Compete4Life

Via Instagram: @joelraether

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