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On Episode 12 of the Art Of Coaching podcast I catch up with my old friend, former trainee and current Army Ranger Mike Meegan. I wanted to get Mike on the podcast because as a Ranger he is not only a true subject matter expert in leadership and what many refer to as “mental toughness” but also what it takes to survive and adapt in high-stakes situations Many of the topics discussed are may seem simple or obvious, yet they are pervasivly under-executed within our current society, and across multiple professional domains as well.

Enjoy as one of our country’s finest leads us through lessons he has considered to be home and hearth to helping him survive, learn and lead throughout his multiple deployments.
Here are the topics we cover on this episode

  • Why leadership is a people business
  • Should popularity matter in leadership
  • What it means to adapt
  • Mental resilience vs mental toughness
  • The importance of deep self analysis
  • Books and experiences that our outside of Mike’s normal sphere of influence
  • The importance of morale
  • What does Buy-In look like in the eyes of an Army Ranger
  • What happens when you try to please everyone
  • How to spot the inauthentic
  • Personal and professional weaknesses
  • Mental resilience for the field of combat vs the athletic performance field


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