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What do index cards, rap names, and velvet pants have in common? I’ll let Jessica Hagy tell you. If that’s not enough of a reason to listen, join us as we learn how our guest uses visual storytelling and humor to make complex topics accessible.

Today we cover:

  • Finding patterns within seemingly disparate topics

  • “Serial killer walls” and other great ways to find connection / build relationships

  • How trashy tv can help your creativity

  • Why tinkering is an essential and marketable skill

  • “Sniglet” and other words that don’t exist but should…

Jessica is an artist and writer best known for her Webby Award-winning blog, “Indexed”.  Her work has been described as “deceptively simple,” “undeniably brilliant,” and “our favorite reason for the Internet to exist.” She’s the author of How to Be Interesting and The Art of War Visualized, among others. As a storyteller, she uses humor and simple visuals to explain and make even the most complex concepts immediately accessible and relevant. Her cartoons have appeared in the New York Times, a blog for Smithsonian, an online column for Forbes and many other major outlets.

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