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Chances are this global pandemic has made you rethink your strategy and challenged your creativity. But is it your mindset holding you back, your resources, or both? Today we talk with Tex McQuilkin from Power Athlete about how to do more with less.

Also on this episode:

  • How Bruce Lee’s “Empty the Cup” can lead to better question asking

  • 3 essential lessons for leadership success

  • Employing a scarcity lifestyle with an abundance attitude

  • How distance learning can prevent over-coaching

Tex is the Co-Host of Power Athlete Radio and the Director of Training and Education for Power Athlete. A former collegiate lacrosse player, 4-year letter winner and 3-year team captain at Marymount University (VA), Tex transitioned into coaching following graduation. After working at his alma mater, Tex also served as a strength and conditioning coach at Georgetown University and The University of Texas (Austin). In addition to his work in the collegiate sector, he’s coached and implemented programs for tactical athletes including Naval Special Warfare and US Army XVIII Airborne Corps.

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