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How do you make the jump from one industry to another? How do you utilize experiences in your previous role to ensure success at the next? On today’s episode we are joined by Paul Cauldwell, a coach who found a way to explore the same mission within another field.

On today’s show:

  • The power of yes AND…
  • The skills coaches can bring to other industries
  • Callusing the mind and preparing for change
  • Percussive therapy – how it can bridge rehab and performance

With over 15 years of experience in human performance program leadership, Paul Cauldwell has spoken at events all around the world about strength program design, regeneration/recovery, injury prevention, acceleration and multidirectional movement mechanics, plyometrics, and energy system development. Prior to his current Vice President role at Theragun in the global education and development programs, Paul was the Director of Performance at EXOS for over a decade. There, he was responsible for creating and operationalizing performance programs for the Department of Defense, SOCOM, Fortune 500 companies, and elite-level athletes from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, UFC, and PGA.

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