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What happens when you think you are acting with authenticity and integrity only to find out that isn’t how you are being perceived? Today, I’m joined by Jesse Elis for a conversation about the importance of and challenges to developing external self-awareness.

We also discuss:

  • What you should NOT do once you get the job
  • Being authentic and trying too hard – can they be one and the same?
  • Ego defense mechanisms preventing you from true self-reflection
  • Falling into the trap of trying to prove instead of provide value
  • The argument against integrity as an essential leadership trait

As the Director of Player Health and Performance for the Portland Trail Blazers, Jesse leads all facets of the medical and performance staff to collaboratively provide preventative maintenance and rehabilitative health care to Trail Blazers players. He also works closely with the team’s athletic trainers, physicians, strength and conditioning specialists, nutritionists, psychologists and sport performance specialists to integrate rehabilitative concepts into performance training. Prior to the Trail Blazers, he was the Director of Physical Therapy for EXOS and managed the rehab teams for all EXOS legacy sites. He received his doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of North Dakota (2009) and completed a 3 year post-doctorate fellowship through Evidence in Motion. In addition, he is part-owner of a continuing education company, Phoenix Manual Therapy, which specializes in high level clinical reasoning and manual therapy integration.

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