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We are excited to announce the official launch of our new program The Apprenticeship™!

These are highly interactive 2-day workshops where professionals of all kinds can rehearse for and refine their strategies for life’s biggest moments. Whether it is a contract negotiation, interpersonal conflict, hiring new staff, or leading a team in general The Apprenticeship™ is focused on creating a new type of educational experience for today’s leaders that is execution-focused.

These events feature a wide variety of scenarios where you and/or your staff can enhance their interpersonal skills under real-time constraints and are the first event of their kind to be vetted by actual research regarding implementation and evaluation.

There are no “trust-falls” or vanilla corporate cliches present here, and these events are not for those who already consider themselves to be flawless communicators. They are for those who are hungry to learn and who are tired of the same “death by PowerPoint” mega conferences that have dominated the leadership market for decades.

Please see these links below for more details!

  • Have more questions about The Apprenticeship™? Check out our FAQ page
  • Want to host an Art of Coaching Apprenticeship™?  Fill out this form and we will get right on it!
  • Receive a $180 discount on The Apprenticeship™ anywhere in the world by taking AND passing Brett’s online course “Bought In
  • For further information and pricing details please email Art of Coaching

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