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  • Brett’s message resonates across all professions, challenging you to think and address your weaknesses; pushing you to results-driven improvement.

    Matt Morrison
    Matt Morrison Integrated Logistics Support Manager Lockheed Martin Aerospace
  • Brett has helped me get a more clear vision of what I wanted and more importantly what my field may want. I went from wanting to present more to opening another part of my business for mentorships. Thank you Brett for your courage to start something new, to not listen to those who doubt and for paying it forward.

    Brad Leshinske
    Brad Leshinske Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Exercise Science and Sports Fitness Administration at Saint Xavier University Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Through Brett's guidance I’ve been able to gain much more clarity on the trajectory of my career path within my current organization and improved clarity of my own strengths & weaknesses.

    Ambrose Lisowe
    Ambrose Lisowe Kinesiologist at Progressive Health & Performance
  • I now feel confident with my standard operating procedures and a solidified target market and demographic as my key success indicators.

    Rory Kosonic
    Rory Kosonic Owner and Strength and Conditioning Coach at RK Performance Group Inc. and Mettle Sports Training