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On Episode 10 I am joined by Louisiana Tech Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Kurt Hester. If you aren’t familiar with Kurt, before taking the LA Tech job he was formerly the Head Coach of the Manning Passing Academy, as well as the owner of D1 in Nashville, TN. He is renowned for his no-nonsense approach to training and his contributions regarding the future of the S&C profession, but his biggest asset may be his ability to tell it how it is and paint a clear picture to athletes and sport coaches alike. That is exactly why I believed him to be the perfect guest for this episode- as it breaks down common motivational tactics, and issues we as coaches face from a stigma standpoint.

Topics Covered On This Episode Are

  • Kurt’s love for hunting and career path
  • Personality traits Kurt learned that helped him navigate his early career path
  • What bothers Kurt about how we conduct ourselves as performance professionals
  • Wrestling an alligator on a heavy squat day
  • Compromising ethics and the importance of knowing when to stand up to sport coaches
  • Intrinsic motivation vs extrinsic motivation
  • How to evaluate a coaching staff
  • Maturing from debating movement selection and programming to actually coaching

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