Picture yourself at the center of a room with every eye fixed on you, and every word you speak resonating deeply with your audience.

In today’s world, getting and holding people’s attention is becoming more challenging by the minute.

If you want to build trust, rise above the competition, inspire action and create positive change, then honing your public speaking skills is more critical than ever!

Regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur, coach, manager, medical professional or leader in any other field Speaker School™  will help you:

  • Refine your storytelling abilities
  • Identify & strengthen your unique communication style so you can connect with those in the room in a genuine way
  • Stop you from overthinking or experiencing imposter syndrome
  • Improve your networking skills
  • Enhance your ability to handle difficult situations with grace, professionalism & composure 
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the job market
  • Craft your talk, pitch or lecture with a clear and compelling central message so you don’t get ignored by your audience


You will get the reps you need and feedback you deserve in a small-group format!


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A Look Inside The Workshop

Don’t let your opportunity to improve pass you by & don’t let pretenders take your place.

Enhancing your public speaking skills provides the highest return on investment you can make both personally and professionally.

Secure your future success today by signing up for Speaker School™.

If you have any questions or would like more information about group rates, or our program in general, contact our team below.

Day 1

Audience Psychology: How to get into the heads and hearts of diverse groups

Isolating & Refining Your Best Ideas: How to get crystal clear about what you want to share & how to organize your thoughts

Storytelling Structure:Identify the right storytelling strategies and structure so you can maximize flow and fluency

Voice and Delivery: Understanding the importance of vocal variety, body language, and other nonverbal communication skills.

Hands-on Practice: Putting theory into practice with guided exercises and activities to develop your skills.

Day 2

Slide Design & Engagement: Strategies for keeping attention & enhancing connection.

Handling Nerves and Fear: Overcoming stage fright and learning strategies to manage anxiety.

Managing Q&A: Learning how to handle challenging questions with confidence and poise.

Expert Evaluation: Receiving personalized feedback and guidance from our experienced trainers to refine your skills.

Final Practice: Putting it all together with a final practice session to help you build confidence and refine your delivery

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  • Thank you AOC for helping me become more of who I really am, for teaching me how to communicate and speak better, and helping me become more confident in my abilities so I can use my gifts to change the world for the better. If you want to become a speaker, or just speak better in general, do yourself and the world a favor and go to Speaker School!!

    Carolina Paredes-Cox
  • The most beneficial takeaway is that reps matter. Brett has spent countless hours honing his craft and now sharing his experience and knowledge. That is more valuable than any "get paid millions to speak" BS out there.

    Jared Markiewicz
  • I can't say enough positive things about Brett, the Art of Coaching team, and the course they facilitated. I highly recommend this course for anyone in a leadership position, anyone the public speaks, i fyou interview individuals, or if you simply want to make sure you are able to convey your message in an organized manner. Brett challenges you to think about what message you are trying to get across, understand your audience, craft the "So What" of your presentation in an eloquent manner, and ensure you deliver on the action items. It is impossible not to grow in the environment that Brett and his team creates.

    Justin Luckenbach
  • I loved talking about the different communication styles and how we can use them when speaking in front of a certain audience. The practice of having to tailor your message to a certain audience is a great challenge and go me out of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed learning about those aspects of speaking.
    Michael Tullis
  • Speaker School was unreal! As always, Brett and the Art of Coaching team over-delievered and put on another phenomenal workshop. I fully endorse anything they do. If you're on the fence about attending one of their events, get off of it and sign up.

    Kyle Holland

For Those Who Want To:


Present Expertly

Know Your Material
Engage With The Audience
Present With Clarity
Share Stories That Resonate


Interview Confidently

Know Your Audience
Speak Confidently
Prepared For Tough Questions
Win The Negotiation


Pitch Persuasively

Clarify Your Message
Sell Authentically
Speak Concisely
Be Persuasive


Lead Effectively

Lead More Effectively
Get Your Message Across
Speak Their Language
Solve Problems and Waste Less Time

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cancellation Policy?

All sales are final and refunds are only allowed in limited circumstances, as explained in this section and the Canceled, Postponed, Rescheduled and Moved Events section below.

You assume all risks, hazards, and dangers arising from or relating in any way to the risk of contracting a communicable disease or illness—including, without limitation, exposure to COVID-19 or any other bacteria, virus, or other pathogen capable of causing a communicable disease or illness, whether that exposure occurs before, during, or after the event, and regardless of how caused or contracted—and you hereby waive any and all claims and potential claims against Art of Coaching.

If the event is canceled: no action is required to obtain a refund; we will issue a refund to the original method of payment used at time of purchase. In some cases, we may also give you the option to choose either a credit or a refund; if so, we will send you a notification explaining your options, and how to submit a request for a credit.

If the event is postponed, rescheduled, or moved: your ticket(s) are still valid, and no further action is required. However, Art of Coaching may approve refunds, or the option to choose between a refund or a credit, for the event; any refund and/or credit policies are determined on an event-by-event basis by the Event Organizer, and may be subject to limitations set by the Event Organizer.


How Is This Different From The Apprenticeship?

The Apprenticeship™ is our flagship live communication workshop, aimed at helping people of all kind strategize for and manage difficult interpersonal and communication situations that arise in daily life. This workshop focuses on learning tactics for and practicing tackling hard conversations, hiring and firing, negotiations, family and office politics, and much more.

The Speaker School is our newest live workshop and designed for individuals who have a strong desire to improve some aspect of their speaking whether that be for a presentation, pitch, interview or other public engagement. This workshop will offer individuals a place to both refine and rehearse so their message is unmistakably clear and powerful.

Both workshops are live, in-person, two days and centered around experiential learning. Both will feature a hands-on approach complete with video analysis, formal evaluation and peer/self reflection and feedback. You’ll be taught how to practice and refine under varying levels of difficulty so that when the time comes, you are prepared for any conversation or presentation that comes your way.  

What Will I Leave Speaker School With?

Every attendee of the speaker school workshop will leave having undergone extensive live practice and repetition of the message they seek to refine. You will also leave with game plan for the message you want to deliver, how you want to deliver it and how to captivate and move your audience to action.

You will also receive a formal evaluation, video analysis and peer feedback.

Without a doubt, the hands-on learning aspect of our workshops is where the magic happens. Where else do you have the chance to practice these skills without being at risk of losing a job, opportunity, money or relationship?


What If I Don’t Have A Formal Presentation To Give?

That’s okay! Our speaker school isn’t just for people giving formal presentations or even pitches.

Here’s the thing- at some point we can guarantee that you’ll be asked to or need to persuade, synthesize, influence or motivate SOMEONE in your life.

The skills necessary to decide what you want to share, how to share it, what they need / want to hear and how to deliver in a way that gets AND keeps their attention is absolutely crucial regardless of what field, profession or phase of your life you’re in.

Learning this process will be immeasurably important and offer you a competitive advantage in all aspects of life.

What Makes This Different From Other Speaking Schools?

While we can’t speak to every other speaking school out there (there are quite a few), we can promise that ours is one of the only ones that is entirely hands-on and practical. Between our research backed evaluation, video analysis, peer feedback and presentation blueprint you’ll get right to work refining and delivering your message so you walk away with the confidence to effectively convey a message regardless of the time or place.

Will This Be Held In Other Locations?

Right now we’re only hosting The Speaker School in Phoenix, AZ at the Art of Coaching Headquarters.


About Brett

Brett Bartholomew guides coaches, leaders, educators and business owners on how to build lasting buy-in with their audience by becoming more skilled and adaptable communicators.

He is a strength and conditioning coach, author, consultant, and Founder of Art of Coaching™. His experience includes working with athletes both in the team environment and private sector along with members of the United States Special Forces and members of Fortune 500 companies.

Taken together, Brett has coached a diverse range of athletes from across 23 sports world-wide, at levels ranging from youth athletes to Olympians. He’s supported numerous Super Bowl and World Series Champions, along with several professional fighters in both professional boxing as well as the UFC.

Brett is also a self-published, best-selling, author of Conscious Coaching: The Art & Science of Building Buy-in. This book ranked the charts as:


As an advisor/entrepreneur, Brett has proudly served as a teammate and supporting partner in the strategic growth of two separate performance companies and is a highly sought-after consultant and mentor for many others across the United States and abroad. Additionally, his work and expertise has been featured in numerous local and national media outlets such as ESPN, FOX Sports, as well as Inc. Magazine and Outside.

“Communication is the foundation of true leadership.”
– Brett Bartholomew