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30 Days to Gain Confidence, Share Your Story & Spread More Value



Each week learn the MOST important communication skills and how to apply them immediately.



Get questions & comments addressed with direct access to our team and weekly check-ins.



Join a private digital platform and connect with coaches and leaders who are committed to improve.

What Is The Art of Coaching Challenge?

Time is the most valuable commodity we have and these days it’s harder and harder to come by.

We know it’s not always feasible to commit to an online course, book or 6 month program but we also can’t afford the obstacles that arise due to poor communication and leadership…

What gives?

This is a 30 day challenge. 30 days of micro-interactions designed to upgrade the way you communicate using a proven system, interactive community and direct access to our team.

By distilling our most critical subject matter into 4 weeks and presenting it in conjunction with a community that will hold you accountable, you’ll be immediately equipped with the tools needed to engage in healthier conflict, build deeper connections, waste less time and get your message across more effectively.

All topics are fair game, and neither your age nor experience level matters whatsoever. The inertia from the beginning of the year has worn off but we’re just getting started.

Are you ready?



Challenge Worksheets
Clarify Learnings + Distill Content + Engage In Communication Challenges
Private Coaching Community
Get Access To A Private Network Of Coaches + Instant Accountability
Weekly Zoom Q+A / Happy Hour
Get Your Questions Answered + Learn To Apply In Your Setting
Direct Access To Our Team
Learn From + Get Direct Feedback From The AoC Team

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This is the only resource I’m aware of that takes a hard look at communication of any type. It was easy to apply to actions we discussed and I got an immediate impact. 

– Kaitlin L.


A quick and easy way to access a community of leaders that push me to be a better communicator. Every interaction challenges me to think about things from a different perspective.

– Megan M.


What Makes This A Challenge?

Great question! We know from experience that the best way to grow is to put ourselves in situations where we have to not only learn, but test our skills. Our hope is that by both teaching communication content AND providing you with small challenges throughout, we can spark deeper learning.

This is not a challenge against other people so much as a challenge against yourself. However, there may be a few opportunities for prizes along the way 😉

How Much Time Will This Take?

This challenge is completely self-paced and asynchronous.

While we will be dropping new content at the beginning of each week and then following up with a live Zoom Q&A on Thursdays, you don’t need to be there live; we will send you a copy of the recording to watch on your own time!

The point of the challenge is to give you something small each day for a month. There’s a reason it’s not as time intensive as some of our other programs. We think of this as digestible micro-dosing of communication and interpersonal skills.

Like anything, you’ll get out of this what you put into it!

How Does The Challenge Work?

As soon as you enter the challenge you’ll be invited to a private digital community.

Once the challenge starts, we will follow the same cadence for each of the four weeks.

Monday: We’ll drop new content into our private digital community around a particular topic. These teachings will be a combination of curated mixed media: video, private podcasts, lectures, etc. You’ll also receive a handout/PDF each week with further information and challenges to implement as you go!

Thursday: You’ll be invited to a private Zoom Q&A / happy hour. During this time we will answer questions, have deeper conversations about the topic of the week, and maybe even share a few laughs.

Can’t make the Thursday Zoom call? No worries! These will be recorded and shared in the group afterward.

Throughout the week you’ll be encouraged to share and interact in the group while also having access to our team.


Do You Offer Refunds?

Once the challenge has begun, all sales are final. We do this to protect the integrity of the group, the content we share and the trust of the other members!